Heart & Sole Running Club - Dartmouth Nova Scotia

Heart & Sole Running Club - Dartmouth Nova Scotia


Heart & Sole Running Club members are passionate about running. We are constantly striving to improve our technique, pace and distance (while still maintaining a balance of enjoying the sport).

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Uphill Battle
Best Way to Run Hills
Running Technique
Runner's Building Blocks
Running for Beginners

running stories
Too Fast to Be a Woman - amazing documentary on CBC's The Passionate Eye about a world champion's journey to prove she's a female. Biologically she was born a female, but her amazing ability to run made people question her gender and unfair advantage over other women runners!

My Run comes to Movie Theaters Nationwide Thursday, 3/31, 2011 ONE NIGHT ONLY Premiere Event.

Running the Sahara - 3 ultras marathoners run 50 miles/day for 100 days across the Sahara.

The Long Run- The Comrades Marathon is a 90K race in South Africa. An aging running coach, sees a Namibian immigrant who runs to forget her troubles. He offers to coach her and soon she's living at his house, following his diet and training regimen.

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To join our Dartmouth running club, simply send us your email address indicating that you want to be a member and you will receive weekly routes in advance, find training partners and get updates on races: heartandsolerunningclub@gmail.com

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