Heart & Sole Running Club - Dartmouth Nova Scotia

Heart & Sole Running Club - Dartmouth Nova Scotia

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In the spirit of the Heart & Sole Running Club (supporting equal opportunity to be considered a winner), it's not necessarily only the fastest runners that will get their name in the trophy!

Each race, our running club will have a different challenge for it's members! Sometimes it will be for the best pacer, or fashionista, or maybe you beat your personal best, or are the most improved etc.... and of course we won't forget the fast people (sometimes stealth running machines will get praise too)! If you have suggestions for our competitions, then please send them to the running club email!

The Heart & Sole Running Club trophy will travel to each race that our members run. The only way to get the chance to have your name engraved on the Heart & Sole Running Club trophy is to become a member (did we mention it's a free club?).

2011 Races
  • Moose Run (Best Signs: Our Kids) - race photos
  • Lung Run (Virgin Runners: all our first-time racers) - race photos
  • Lord of the Track (Gregg Kerr - volunteering to coach drills and speedwork)
  • Benny Bulldog (Elite Trash Talker: Michelle Kempton) - race photos
  • Hardcore (Andrew Hanlon - getting black eye in race read story)
  • Blue Nose Marathon (Humanitarian: Erin Poirier) race photos
  • Cabot Trail Relay (Night-Owl: John McQuaid AKA j-mac)
  • Garmin Guru (Tory Greff - volunteering to lead Garmin 101 Tutorial)
  • Mt. Sinclair Sherpa (Johnny MacPherson - volunteering to hill-repeats)
  • Muffin Run (Carb-loader: Phil Kempton) race photos
  • Paparazzi (Paul Wesson: taking photos that make us look fabulous in spandex)
  • Heart & Solstice (Angela Keddy: creating Summer & Winter Solstice Run)
  • Johnny Miles (Quick-and-Queasy: Scott Goldie) race photos
  • Lifesaver (Leanne MacDougall)
  • Honey Badger (Tory Greff)
  • Not Since Moses (Dirty Boy & Dirty Girl: Graeme Mansky & Vanessa DeClercq)
  • Club Ho (Cathy Carter - Fast Company and Heart & Sole member)
  • MacPass Miles (5 Minute Man - Dave Nevitt)
  • Natal Day Race (Fashionista - Annette Comeau)
  • Triple-Play Weekend (Doreen Redmond & Leanne MacDougall)
  • Rain Warriers (Brandi Quann, Christine Freak, Eric Renouf, Faith Drinnan, Jenny Kooren, Kim Conrod, Melissa.Stepaniak, Meryl Cook, Shalon McLachlan, Sue Boudreau)
  • Navy 10K (Good Samaritan - Meryl Cook)
  • Town Mayor (Rod MacIntyre)
  • Mountain Men (Jonathan Kirk, Dave Nevitt and Ray Williams)
  • Fiddler's Run (Personal Bests - Andrew Hanlon, Jason Kaulback, Sarah Austin)
  • 60-Minute Challenge (Most Improved: TBA)

To qualify for the chance to be awarded one of these titles, join the Heart & Sole Running Club today and enjoy running with others, healthy competition and laugher, all in the beautiful city of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia!

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It's free to become a Heart & Sole Running Club member.

To join our not-for-profit Dartmouth running club, simply sign up for our mailing list and you will receive weekly routes in advance, find training partners and get updates on races.

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