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gear for gambia - photo gallery

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We are very proud of our member Erin Poirier who ran 424K across the country of Gambia this summer and raised over $35,000 for HIV/AIDS and Malaria education. While we followed Erin's journey across the sea, we were introduced via the internet to a couple of Gambian runners who encouraged, protected and supported Erin.

Erin left her Heart & Sole Running Club tank with a Gambian runner and we followed up by sending more tanks to her support team. Below are the photos we received and email from the runners in the Gambia.

In this email, i send our sincere apprecition and thanks to our sister
Heart and Sole running club in Canada for providin us with this
wounderfull running gears. The gears were didtributed to Kebba Susso,
(Spiderman) Doudou Bah and myself, we have take it upon ourselves to
each give one to others in here and this includes, Pabe Manneh from my
end and each of the others did the same as well.

We really appreciate the help and this will go a long way in boosting
our morals in the art of running which we have been introduced to by
my dear Sister Erin... our inspiration. Attached are pictures i took in
my house and i and i will be takin more to send with Kebba and

Thanks once again and we hope to further strengthen things from this
part of the Atlantic.

Pa Modou