Heart & Sole Running Club - Dartmouth Nova Scotia

Heart & Sole Running Club - Dartmouth Nova Scotia

trails to streets exchange program

Meet new runners and experience something different!

Members of Heart & Sole Running Club and Halifax Trail Runners Club are participating in an exchange program (no passports required)!

Saturday, April 30, 2011 - Halifax Trail Runners will give Heart & Sole Running Club members a 5K guided tour of their favorite trail system. Be prepared to spoil your legs with the bounce of soil, adventure of some off-roading and the fresh smell of nature!!! We'll meet at Long Lake (North West Arm Drive Entrance) at 9am. (view map or email for directions)

Sunday, May 1, 2011 - Heart & Sole Running Club will return the favor by welcoming the Halifax Trail Runners to our 60-Minute Challenge (beautiful run along the lakes 30-minutes out and back). We'll meet at Two If By Sea Cafe (66 Ochertloney Street, Dartmouth) at 9am and then of course meet back at the cafe to enjoy tasty treats and socialize.

Also important to note: Participating in the Trails to Streets Exchange Program is FREE!!!